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  • Frequently Asked Questions by Bloggers

    Blogger FAQ

    1. How Does The Blogsvertise Service Work...?
    2. I don't have a Blog/Journal, do you offer Blog hosting service...?
    3. How Much Will I Make ...?
    4. Can you Pay me More ...?
    5. My Blog was Not approved, why ...?
    6. How will I Be Paid...?
    7. When will I be Paid...?
    8. Do I have to endorse the product/service I am writing about ...?
    9. Do I have to disclose I received blog advertising revenue from this service...?
    10. I was put on Probation...?
    11. Are there any System Requirements...?

    How does The Blogsvertise Service Work?

    Our blog advertising service is setup for Blogger_smalls and online journal writers to earn revenue/income from their online blog/journal in an easy to use, simple and effective system. It is free to register your blog and add your blog to the system for approval. Once approved, your blog goes into the assignment queue. The blogsvertise system then displays ads on your blog. You dont have to endorse the website product/service, and you will earn income from display advertisements such as banner ads and text links.
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    I don't have a Blog/Journal, do you offer Blog hosting service...?

    No we do not offer any blog hosting services. You must setup your own blog to participate in our blogs revenue generating system. Please check our free blog services page for websites that offer free blogging website software tools and services.
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    How Much Will I Make?

    You will make money for each advertisement displayed on your blog that is purchased by an advertiser for your blog specificly. The current rates vary depending on what pricing you set for your blog and how much demand there is for your blog. Rates vary and usually a blog with high traffic can naturally generate higher advertising rates. Note: Payout Rates will vary and are frequently based on popularity/traffic of blog as measured by independent third parties.
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    Can you Pay me More?

    Yes. We will consider increasing the advertising rate to blogs based on the quality and traffic levels of the blog, the performance of ads on your blog and how long you have had an account with us. All payout increases are done on a case by case basis. If you have established an account with us and have successfully accepted and displayed 5 ads for at least a month you may Contact Us for approval of a ad rate increase.
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    My Blog was Not approved, why?

    Please check the rules and guidelines for approval of our blogsvertise service. If you feel your blog should be re-considered for approval you may Contact Us for approval or for an explanation on why it was rejected. ase.
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    How will I Be Paid?

    Payments are made with paypal. You must have a paypal account in order to be paid for the service. Note: We're sorry we do not mail checks or offer other forms of payment at this time.
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    When will I be Paid?

    Payments are made after 30 days your ads have been displayed. Your advertisement must remain online for the full month/30 day period. Note: If your 30 day payout date falls on a weekend or holiday you will be paid on the next business day.
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    Do I have to disclose I received advertising revenue from this service...?

    Yes we recommend and require you put up some type of disclaimer or disclosure in your own words or in a graphical banner ad format somewhere on your blogs that you may earn revenue from your blog from advertising products and services. For example on your "About Me" page on your blog, which is usually linked from your blogs homepage, you should clearly state you may receive advertising income from blog ads and links on your blog. We highly recommend you follow all guidelines and suggestions as described by the ftc. Please note also that any "Advertorial" type of ads must be made nofollow. Back to Top

    Do I have to endorse the product/service I am writing about ...?

    No, you do not have to endorse the product/service that you are writing about. You are expected to give an honest opinion. You can discuss it however you want, compliment it, review it, discuss how it relates to something going on recently or in the past in your life, or even complain about it. As part of our service, you are encouraged to express your own honest opinion. We do not allow advertisers to request "positive only" advertising and we do not allow advertisers to request "follow only" advertorials. Your blog/entry should be at least 100 words and should contain at least 1 link or a phone number to the advertisers' website. Endorsing the website product or service is not a requirement and not allowed unless you have used the product or service and providing an honest opinion. Blogger should nollow all links.
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    I was put on Probation Status?

    Some blogs may be approved but put on Probation status if there appears to be little or no content and/or if the blog was just setup very recently. The spirit/intent of the service is for Advertisers to connect with active Bloggers and their Readers. New blog registrations placed on Probation status will still receive ads, however the payout rate is significantly less. After 60 days a Blogger may request normal status by contacting us and requesting it. At that time we will re-review your blog for activity and make a decision. By regularly maintaining your blog and completing assigned ads, your chances for approval to normal status will be increased.
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    Are there any System Requirements for Blogsvertise?

    No There are not any system requirements for blogsvertise. In order to use the service you need to basic requirements: A blog/online journal and an active paypal account.
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