Important Rules for Blogsvertise - Terms & Conditions

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  • Blogsvertise Rules

    Blogger Rules and Guidelines of Our Service

    • You must have a blog/journal setup with written content on your url/website in order to use the service. I'm sorry we do not provide any blog/journal hosting. Check our list of free blog services, for blog service sites.

    • Blogsvertise Administrator may or may not approve your account or blog entry for any reason, and is sole discretion of the administrator.

    • Blogsvertise Administrator may terminate your account at any time and is sole discretion of blogsvertise.

    • You will be assigned tasks by the administrator to write about in your blog. Within your entry you must include 3 links to the website url in your blog. You do not have to endorse the advertiser's website products or services, just mention them in your blog and express your own honest opionion. You can relate to in your own life, review the site, compliment or even complain about it, it is entirely up to you. If you have not used the advertisers product or service, you can just describe what they do or make. We recommend you put up some type of disclaimer on your blog that states you may earn revenue from advertisements and links on your blog.

    • At least 2-3 paragraphs of approx 100 words or more is required for blog entry approval.

    • The task/entry must be completed within 5 days of being emailed to you.

    • Blogsvertise Administrator may withhold or cancel payment due to user account at its sole discretion of blogsvertise.

    • Your blog entry must remain online and be a permanent entry in your blog.

    • Blogs that are new (less then 30 days), have little or no content, may be rejected or put on Probation status at a reduced payout rates.

    • I'm sorry pornographic/adult oriented blogs are not permitted in blogsvertise at this time , due to paypal rules regarding adult content.

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