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    It is our goal to provide digital media buyers with versatile advertising solutions that capitalize on the influence of popular bloggers by creating branding opportunities on their sites. Blogsvertise options include sponsored content guest post marketing, pay-per-action lead and direct ad sales campaigns, social media promotion, and classic banner ads on high traffic blogs. Each one can be tailored to meet your budget and marketing goals.

    Popular Formats We Deliver

    Advertorials: The most popular of our advertising concepts has always been the blog content itself. When advertisers purchase advertorials from us, they are matched up with contextually relevant bloggers who will then make advertorials on their sites containing information about the sponsor's products and services. We offer discounted monthly subscription packages as well as flat-rate ordering, as well as opportunities for advertisers to hand-select the premium bloggers who will advertise for them via our power user interface.

    Social Media Ads: As Facebook and Twitter became increasingly important in both branding strategy and overall influence, we created add-ons for our advertorials / guest posts so that advertisers can now have bloggers Facebook “like” and sponsor Tweets from our popular bloggers. These extras allow media buyers to build upon successful sponsored advertorials by taking the content one step further, reaching out beyond the blog's audience and into the blogger's social media following. One or both of these selections can be added to our packages.

    Display Ads: Our newest option is the tried-and-true banner or display text ad, a staple in online advertising. By placing graphic or text ads above the fold on relevant, high-traffic blogs, advertisers will receive frequent impressions and can expect a solid click-though-rate (CTR) as well. Choose from 125x125 or 300x250 ad unit sizes, or display text or mobile ads. Then we'll search our network of diverse blogger inventory to help you target only the most related blog sites in order to maximize ROI. We offer competitive monthly rates to give you the highest number of page views and unique visitors for the lowestcrates and costs. We always focus on quality over quantity.

    CPA/Pay-Per-Action: For advertisers who prefer a traditional approach or want to supplement sponsored content and social media branding, Blogsvertise offers cost-per-action internet marketing campaigns. Choose to pay per click or per sign-up/lead generation/purchase, create a budget for your order, and watch the traffic roll in as our network of bloggers share your unique tracking urls on the busiest pages of their sites.

    Whichever option you choose, Blogsvertise will help you to target just the best most effecitve and influential blogs for your campaign. Our content network features more than 100,000 blogs spread across more than twenty diverse verticals. Whether you want to focus on mommy bloggers, tech gurus, hobbyists, sports enthusiasts, news writers, education specialists, or bloggers in any number of other industries, we have a match for you. Factor in our ability to filter selections by keyword, state and zip code, gender, and other pertinent audience demographics and you have the benefit of knowing that your ad-buys and banners will appear on the pages that deliver you the most traffic for your investment. Contact our sales department today to discuss your options and start an exciting blog advertising campaign with us!

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