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  • Pay Per Action Advertising

    Are you looking to increase visibility and drive traffic to your site beyond search? In todays online atmosphere having many sources of traffic will help you or your clients sleep better then just relying on just one big but often unreliable source. 

    Cost-per-action or CPA marketing campaigns are a cost-effective way to drive traffic, promote sales, build brand awareness and guarantee that your website is found by potential clients and customers. Pay only when visitors to your site complete a specific action, so you know you're getting the results you need. We can offer you an affordable solution.

    We know that popular blogs are a great source for high-quality, relevant traffic. They are ideal for generating buzz and branding through sponsored posts, but they have also proven very effective when it comes to traditional CPA internet marketing. Our bloggers are dedicated to their craft and eager to monetize their sites, which means that they will display your banner or link and continually encourage their visitors to visit or complete the desired action.

    Blog-based CPA campaigns are perfect for ...

    Driving traffic to your site. Pay-per-action advertising ensures that you pay only when a member of a blog's audience takes the time to visit your webpage. You've created a site that will capture their attention and spur them toward becoming another of your satisfied customers, now all you need to do is get them there. Save money by paying for visits instead of simply promoting your site and hoping users will click your links.

    Getting visitors to sign up for newsletters. Cost-per-action blog advertising is a terrific way to get interested individuals to register to receive your newsletters and updates. Our unique tracking urls will record the number of times a blog's readers visit and sign up for a service on your site. Though actions cost more than clicks overall, this is a great solution to help you capture data and go beyond traffic to drive future marketing.

    Offering free trials to promote paid membership and other purchases. Many of our bloggers love to offer their audience members free trials for paid websites. You can maximize ROI by paying for sign-ups and wowing them with your service, converting traffic into long-term, paying customers.

    Contact our sales office today to learn more and begin your next CPA campaign with Blogsvertise!

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