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  • Product Placement on Popular Blogs

    Q. Who are these influential Bloggers?
    We've all seen it on your favorite tv show or movie. A famous actor or actress happens to pull up in the latest and newest sports car and this car is just about to go on sale. How did this happen and why?  Smart marketers and advertising executives know that subtle product placement can increase and promote a product's visibilty to the public at large without it appearaing as blatant advertising.  The service of blogsvertise is built around the idea that bloggers too can have the same influence and reach as mass marketed movies do, just on a smaller grass roots level scale. Like high profile actors/actresses, there are also high profile bloggers who focus on topics in their field and build a loyal following of readers who read their blogs, tweets, facebook fan pages daily and use these platforms to help them make decisions on what types of products or services they will seek out.


    Q. What can Your Service do for us?
    Well first and foremost the service can help you speed up the process of your viral social media marketing campaigns by allowing you to go to one globally popular blog advertising platform that we offer and select from hundreds of thousands of blogs that are actively seeking out sponsorships and are open and willing to promote your service.  You couid potentially try to reach out to bloggers yourself.  You can attempt to contact thousands of blogs yourself and this manual labor intensive process alone can take up hundreds or thousands of hours searching for and finding blogs that will accept your product information. Or take the easy, scalable approach and work with a blog ad network like blogsvertise offer that already has these bloggers signed up and ready to accept your social ad campaign.


    Q. Does This Really Help?
    Yes.. Of course it does... LOL. In all seriousness, studies have shown that these viral marketing on blog techniques can influence and persuade an audience to make a purchase or influence them to seek out more information on a product or service. Important industry expert bloggers and mommy bloggers in mass tend to have loyal readers and followers. Just as top-hollywood stars do.  The only difference is the size of the audience and affordability of the social media advertising campaign. How many of us can afford to have our product or service placed in blockbuster film?  Not many. However reaching out to thousands of bloggers in a grass roots way is affordable.  The blogsvertise service makes it simple to scale up and reach hundreds of thousands of bloggers who are actively seeking and want to talk about your site or information and want to relay the information to their loyal readers in a non-intrusive way. With the right approach to top bloggers, you should increase your brand awarness, likes, tweets, and most importantly traffic to your site.


    Q. Can these Bloggers Visit us or Try My Product or Service Out?
    YES! We do offer the option of letting an influential blogger try out your product or service themselves and let them give a real world honest opinion of your company.  For example say you own salon or restaurant and want a blogger to come to your location, try out your products or services, then report back to their audience the pro's and cons of your company. If you have a great service, wouldn't you want an honest opinion about your company?  What is better then real testimonials given by real bloggers who used your brand? This is by far the most effective advertisement any website can have! We have all the contact info on bloggers and can arrangement shipment (your cost), to the blogger to try out your product or service in person and even give video testimonials on what they tried.


    Q. How Do I get Started?
    Its very simple, simply register for an account and you can then get started on placing your social media advertising campaign.

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